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ISBN Title Author Publisher
9781858051628 A level Accounting 3rd Edition H Randall                                        Collins
9781444181432 Cambridge  AS/A Level Accounting Ian Harrison Hodder
9781408517079 Accounting for Cambridge International A Level  Jacqueline Halls-Bryan Nelson Thornes
9781292084664 Business Accounting 1 Frank Wood Pearson 
9781292085050 Business Accounting 2 Frank Wood Pearson
9781408068243 Management & Cost Accounting Drury Cengage
9781408065709 Management Accounting  Lucey Cengage
9781408066225 Costing T. Lucey Cengage
9781107690622 Cambridge AS/A level Accounting Randall Cambridge
9780198328230 Accounting, Costing & Management Izhar & Hontoir Oxford
9781408525548 Accounting for Cambridge IGCSE David Austen Nelson Thornes
9781107625327 Cambridge IGCSE Accounting Catherine Coucom Cambridge
9780199138104 Complete Accounting for Cambridge O Level & IGCSE   Oxford
9789810892296 O level Accounts Revision Guide Redspot         Redspot
9781471847677 Cambridge  AS/A Level Accounting Revision Guide  Ian Harrison, Michael Hillman Hodder
9781905777921 Business Accounting Daxid Cox Osborne
9789810500641 O Lev Princ of Accounts M.C.Q Bank       Redspot         Redspot
9789696230342 A Lev Accointing Redspot – Yearly        Redspot         Redspot
9789990307191 Accounting  for A Level  V. Sookharee ELP Publications
Reference Books      
9780324314410 Accounting Information Systems: A Business  Rama/Jones Wadsworth
9781111581565 Excel Applications for Accounting Principles:  Smith Wadsworth
9780324648508 Accounting: Concepts and Applications Stice/Stice Cenagage
9781844808052 Accounting: A Foundation Hodge Henle
9781844802043 Management Accounting:  Gowthorpe South Western
9781408030479 Accounting in a Business Context Berry/Jarvis Thompson
9780324305968 Cost Accounting: Foundations & Evolutions Kinney/Prather-Kinsey/ Thompson
9781133584476 Cornerstones of Cost Management Hansen Thompson
9781844800896 Essentials of Financial Accounting in Business Bendrey/Hussey/West Delmar
9780324374674 Financial Accounting with Journal Entries Albright/Ingram South Western
9781133189404 Financial Statement Analysis Gibson Delmar
9781408056455 Auditing Millichamp Thompson