Imported African History textbooks in stock

ISBN Title Author Publisher
9781107684799 History of Zimbabwe Mlambo Cambridge
9780230308473 History of Africa Kevin Shillington Palgrave
9780470658987 A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present Richard Reid Wiley
9781408220146 The Scramble for Africa M.E. Chamberlain Pearson
9780415252485 A History of Africa John Fage, with William Tordoff Routledge
9781857283938 Warfare in Atlantic Africa, 15001800 John K. Thornton Routledge
9780333698723 The Making of Contemporary Africa  Bill Freund  Palgrave
9780140266757 Africa – A biography John Reader Penguin
9780521544740 Africa since 1800 Roland Atmore Cambridge
9780230272880 Africa Since Independence Paul Nugent  Palgrave
9780349104492 The Scramble for Africa Thomas Pakenham Abacus
9780582585041 Topics In West African History           A. BOAHEN       Pearson