Imported Divinity textbooks in stock

ISBN Title Author Publisher
9780334020462 History of Israel John Bright SCM
9780232511802 Living World Of the new Testament Howard Clark Kee Darton Longman & Todd
9780851106489 New Bible Commentary  Carson IVP
9780281054329 Exploring the Old Testament: The Prophets Gordon McConville SPCk
9780281063628 Exploring the New Testament: The Gospels and Acts Steve Walton SPCk
9780281063635 Exploring the New Testament: Letters and Revelation Howard Marshall SPCk
9780225668032 The New Jerome Biblical Commentary Raymond E. Brown Bloomsbury
9780199277186 Oxford Bible Commentary                       Barton & Muddiman Oxford
9780582025615 The living world of the OT                              Thernard Anderson                          Pearson
9780745955032 Introducing the Old Testament                  John Drane                                       Lion Hudson
9780745955049 Introducing the New Testament                  John Drane                                       Lion Hudson
9780564001019 The Bible R S V  RSV Bible Society
9781783594801 New testament introduction  Donald Guthrie IVP
9780745952505 The World of the Bible John Drane                                       Lion Hudson
9780415263559 Peake’s Commentary on the Bible Peake Routledge
9780745953700 The Lion Handbook to the Bible  David & Pat Alexander Lion Hudson
9780007166664 Unlocking the Bible David Pawson Collins
9780199246168 The Gospels and Jesus                             Graham Stanton                           Oxford
9780199580255 The Gospels Barton & Muddiman Oxford
9780199580262 The Pauline Epistles Barton & Muddiman Oxford
9780199580248 The Pentateuch Barton & Muddiman Oxford
9780745951287 THE WORLD’S RELIGIONS               CHRISTOPHER PAR Lion Hudson