Imported European & World History textbooks in stock

ISBN Title Author Publisher
9780340804315 Acess to History: Rivalry and Accord: International Relations, 18701914 Robert Pearce (Author), John Lowe (Author)  Hodder
9780003271324 Europe 1760 – 1871 T Morris Collins
9780007173778 Europe 1870 – 1991 T Morris Collins
9780140135619 Europe since Napoleon  David  Thomson  Penguin
9780415027595 From Vienna to Versailles  L.C.B. Seaman Routledge
9780415034685 Aspects of European History 17891980  Stephen J. Lee Routledge
9780435317201 A History of Modern Europe 17891981 H.L Peacook Pearson
9780582332041 History of Modern Europe Denis Richards  Pearson
9780582772601 Modern Europe: 1789 – Present Asa Briggs  Routledge
9780333640814 Modern European History Stuart Miller Palgrave
9780340781135 Modern European History 18151914 Allan Farmer Hodder
9780340753668 Modern European History 18901990 Allan Farmer Hodder
9781403939821 Modern World History Norman Lowe Palgrave
9781107613249 Cambridge International AS Level European History 1789-1917 Russell Williams Cambridge
9781107613232 Cambridge International AS Level International History 1871-1945  Phil Wadsworth Cambridge
9780340965849 Acess to History: Britain  1890-1924 Mike Byrne Hodder
9780340965832 Acess to History: Civil Rights in the USA 1945–68 Vivienne Sanders Hodder
9780719573439 Weimar & Nazi Germany Hinton  Hodder
9781471838668 Access to History: The Cold War 1941-95 David Williamson Hodder
9781471839009 Acess to History: France in Revolution Dylan Rees and Duncan Townson Hodder
9780340990155 Acess to History: From Kaiser to Fuhrer: Germany Geoff Layton Hodder
9780340986752 Acess to History: Germany Divided and Reunited 1945–91 Angela Leonard and Nigel Bushnell Hodder
9780340929285 Acess to History: Hitler, Appeasement and the Road to War Graham Darby Hodder
9780340986769 Acess to History: Napoleon, France and Europe Dylan Rees and Andrina Stiles Hodder
9780340965887 Acess to History: Prosperity, Depression and the New Deal Peter Clements Hodder
9780340965900 Acess to History: Russia  From Autocracy to Communism: Michael Lynch Hodder
9780340965894 Acess to History: Stalin’s Russia 1924–53 Michael Lynch Hodder
9780340965870 Acess to History: The American Civil War Alan Farmer Hodder
9780340929278 Acess to History: The People’s Republic of China 1949–1976 Michael Lynch Hodder
9780340929292 Acess to History: The Unification of Germany 1815–1919 Andrina Stiles and Alan Farmer Hodder
9781471838590 Acess to History: The Unification of Italy Robert Pearce and Andrina Stiles Hodder
9780340846872 Acess to History: USA and the Cold War 1945–63 Oliver Edwards Hodder
9780340888957 Acess to History: Weimar and the Rise of Nazi Germany Geoff Layton Hodder
9780340743034 Access to History: The 1st World War Vyvyen Brendon Hodder
9780340965955 Access to History: Britain 19452007 Michael Lynch Hodder
9780340907061 Access to History: Italy the Rise of Fascism 194545 Mark Robson Hodder
9780340990148 Access to History: War and Peace, Interntional Relations David Williamson Hodder
9780340888940 Access to History: The Third Reich Geoff Layton Hodder
9780521568678 RUSSIA AND THE USSR 19051991 PHILIP INGRAM Cambridge
9780748799503 AQA History: Aspects of International Relations John Aldred Oxford
9780140049459 The French  Revolution Christopher  Hibbert Penguin
9780582437951 Napoleon: Conquest, Reform and Reorganisation Clive Emsley Pearson
9781444164428 IGCSE Modern World History                                  Ben Walsh                                          Hodder
9780007268719 Flagship History  International Relations 1879-2004  Derrick Murphy and Terry Morris Collins
9780582490284 Europe in the Nineteenth Century 1789-1905: Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 17891905 Agatha Ramm Routledge
9780582490291 Europe in the Twentieth Century 1905-1970: Europe in the Twentieth Century, 190570  Agatha Ramm Routledge
9780582357457 Europe 1880-1945 –
J.M. Roberts        
J.M. Roberts   Pearson
9780582294462 Revolutionary Europe 1780-1850 – Sperbe  Sperber         Pearson