Imported Food & Nutrition textbooks in stock

ISBN Title Author Publisher
9781471839580 Practical Cookery level  2: NVQ Victor Ceserani,David Foskett,John Campbell Hodder
9781471865237 The Theory of Hospitality and Catering David Foskett  Hodder
9780340809488 Fox & Cameron’s Food Science, Nutrition and Health Michael E J Lean Routledge
9780435420710 Examining Food & Nutrition                        Jenny Ridgewell                            Pearson
9781408504161 Food and Nutrition                                          Margaret Hague                            Oxford
9781408502723 Food Technology Jenny Hotson Oxford
9780340981979 Food Technology                                           Barbara DiNicoli                            Hodder
9780198328650 Food and Nutrition for CSEC Anita Tull & Antonia Cowaard Oxford
Reference Books      
9781844805310 Professional Chef – Level 3 – S/NVQ Hunter/Tinton/Carey South Western
9781408030844 Professional Chef Level 3 VRQ Diploma Hunter/Tinton Thompson
9780538734769 Understanding Nutrition, International Edition Whitney/Rolfes Cenagage
9780534560133 Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism Gropper/Smith/Groff Henle
9780495125150 Nutrition for Health and Health Care Whitney/DeBruyne/Pinna/Rolfes South Western