Imported Woodwork textbooks in stock

ISBN Title Author Publisher
9780333600535 Woodwork Technology- motivate series J.K.N. Sackey  Palgrave
9781408041871 Carpentry and Joinery:  Skills2Learn South Western
9781111308261 Residential Construction : Carpentry Vogt Wadsworth
9780748781829 Bench Joinery  Peter Bret Nelson Thornes
9780340983331 Bench Joinery                                               Stephen Jones                             Hodder
9781408506509 Carpentry and Joinery Bk1                           Peter Brett                                          Nelson Thornes
9781408506486 Carpentry and Joinery Bk2  Peter Brett Nelson Thornes
9780435027025 Carpentry and Joinery Level 1 Heinemann Pearson
9780435027049 Carpentry and Joinery Level 2 Heinemann Pearson
9780748781850 Site Capentry level 2                                                Peter Bret                                          Nelson Thornes
9780340981764 Site Carpentry  Steve Jones Hodder
9780748793853 Wood Machine Guide                                 Terry Bloor                                   Nelson Thornes
9780748781836 Wood occupations level1                                      Peter Brett                                         Nelson Thornes
9780174443193 Woodwork Theory Bk1                              P F Lye                                           Nelson Thornes
9780174443209 Woodwork Theory Bk2                                   P F Lye                                 Nelson Thornes
9780174443216 Woodwork Theory Bk3   P F Lye         Nelson Thornes
9780174443223 Woodwork Theory Bk4                                   P F Lye         Nelson Thornes
9781408508800 Wood Occupations Course Companion Peter Brett Nelson Thornes