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9781844452736 Education Studies    
9780787997557 Complete Learning Disabilities 3e    
9780133248913 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Educ    
9789332555198 fundamental of special education    
9780748781614 Essential teaching skills-    
9781473944572 Child Dvlpmt for Early Years 3e    
9780071332668 Educational Psychology    
9789332543201 Educational Psychology    
9789332586697 Educational Psychology    
9789332541061 Educational Research    
9789332551794 MODELS OF TEACHING    
9789332574519 RESEARCH IN EDUCATION    
9789332550223 Teaching Students with Special Needs    
9781412940009 100 Experiential Learning Activities for Jr. E et al     Sage
9780415569231 A Teaching Assistant’s Guide to Child De BENTHAM         Routledge
9780415674690 Mathematics in Early Years Education-    MONTAGUE-SMITH  Routledge
9781412965408 Parallel Curriculum Units for Social Stu Purcell J & Lep Sage
9781575170848 Problem-Based Learning in Social Studies Gregory V       Sage
9780415881487 Setting Performance Standards-           CIZEK           Routledge
9780415996723 Social Studies and Diversity Education-  HEILMAN         Routledge
9780415235945 Sociology of Sport and Physical Educatio Anthony Laker   Routledge
9780415810531 Teacher and Student Evaluation-          LAVIGNE         Routledge
9780415563888 Teaching secondary geography as if plane John Morgan     ROUTLEDGE
9780415824224 The Engaged University-                  WATSON          Routledge
9781111305482 The Exceptional Child-                   Allen/Cowdery   Cengage
9781441125699 The primary curriculum design handbook-  B Male          Bloomsbury Academic
9781446208410 Assessment for Education-                Klenowski V & W Sage
9780230218574 Theatre and education –                  H Nicholson     Palgrave
9781446268759 Understanding Personal Social Health a   Boddington N et Sage
9781855394551 Understanding systems leadership –       P Callarbone    Bloomsbury
9781446201664 Using Psychology in the Classroom-       Minton S        Sage
9780415678223 Vygotsky and Sociology-                  DANIELS         Routledge
9780415807463 Becoming a New Instructor-               A Guide for Col Routledge
9780415421034 An introduction to moral philosophy and  Robin Barrow    Routledge 
9780534258849 Antisocial behaviour in school-          Hill M.Walker   Cengage 
9780534608859 Behaviour management –                   John W Maag     Cengage 
9781405180429 Complexity theory and the philosophy of  Mark Mason      Wiley 
9781844802258 Developing work and study skills –       Linda Lee-Davie Cengage
9780340928936 Educational psychology –                 Norah Frederick Routledge
9780415562645 Educational psychology –                 Christine M.Rub Routledge
9780415230742 Making sence of education –              David Carr      Routledge
9781412924535 Best Practices for Teaching Social Studi Stone R         Sage
9781118274897 Researching education through actor-netw  Tara Fenwick Wiley 
9780857027368 Teaching primary physical education –    Julia Lawrence  Sage
9781444117134 Child Care and Development 6th Edition-  Pamela Minett   Hodder Education
9780415486903 The psychology of education –            Clare Wood      Routledge
9780415619967 The routledge international handbook of  Michael  W.Appl Routledge 
9780415345729 The routledgefalmer reader in philosophy Wilfred Carr    Routledge 
9780745633442 Undrestanding education –                Sharon Gewirtz  Polity
9781444117981 Child Care and Education 5th Edition-    Carolyn Meggitt Hodder Education
9781412963190 Strategic student engagement-            Cheryl R Gholar Corwimn Press
9781446255339 Developing early literacy 0to 8-         Virginai Bower  Sage
9781446285879 Mathematics explained for primary teache Derek Haylock   Sage
9780415446815 Children as Philosophers-                HAYNES          Routledge
9781446295960 Primary science teaching theory and prac John Sharp      Sage
9781844450787 Learning and Teaching Using ICT in Secon John Woollard Sage
9780415569460 Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Sue Colvered &  routledge
9781412964555 Understanding and closing achievement ga Joseph Murphy   SAGE
9781111830830 Beginning Essentials in Early Childhood  Gordon/Williams Cengage
9781861528384 Can Do Serious Fun: Games for 4-9s:     Dynamix         Cengage
9781861528414 Can Do: Whatever the Weather (4-9):      Gallagher       Cengage
9781444170993 Child Care and Education 2nd Edition    Carolyn Meggitt Hodder
9781444187816 Child Care and Education: Level 2        Carolyn Meggitt Hodder
9781444183818 Child Development: An Illustrated Handbo Jacqueline Hard Hodder
9780495804857 Child Family School Community: Social Berns           Cengage
9781444117998 Children and Young People’s Workforce    Carolyn Meggit  Hodder
9781444156065 Children and Young People’s Workforce Ea Teena Kamen     Hodder
9780618166015 Communication in Action: Teaching Litera Hennings        Cengage
9781133491491 Developing and Administering a Child Car Sciarra/Dorsey/ Cengage
9781471808029 Early Years Educator for the Classroom-B Carolyn Meggitt Hodder
9780415871853 Constructing a Personal Orientation to M CAMPBELL        Routledge
9781444145502 Equality and Inclusion in Early Childhoo Jennie Lindon   Hodder
9781133307426 Exceptional Children and Youth Internat Hunt/Marshall   Cengage
9781401862787 Experiences in Math for Young Children:  Charlesworth    Cengage
9781471807992 Getting It Right for Two Year Olds       Penny Tassoni   Hodder
9780495093763 Guiding Children’s Learning of Mathemati Kennedy/Tipps/J Cengage
9781111298371 Health Safety and Nutrition for the Yo Marotz          Cengage
9780766863071 Home School & Community Relations:     Gestwicki       Cengage
9780495812210 Informal Reading Inventory: Preprimer to Roe/Burns       Cengage
9780618637010 Integrating Technology for Meaningful Le Grabe/Grabe     Cengage
9780857029126 Introduction to Education Studies        Steve Bartlett  Sage
9781471830174 Introduction to Health & Social Care and Corinne Barker  Hodder
9781111357498 Literacy: Helping Students Construct Mea Cooper/Kiger/Ro Cengage
9781408083123 Maths and English for Childcare: Functio Spencer/Coombes Cengage
9781444186604 Observation and Assessment for the EYES  Teena Kamen     Hodder
9780395811016 Opening Doors: An Introduction to Inclus Hull/Goldhaber/ Cengage
9781111838065 Powerful Social Studies for Elementary S Brophy/Alleman/ Cengage
9781446295229 Primary English: Teaching Theory and Pra Jane Medwell, D Sage
9781444180572 Quick Guides for Early Years: Cognitive  Linda Pound     Hodder
9781444180596 Quick Guides for Early Years: Physical D Linda Pound     Hodder
9781444167207 Reflective Practice and Early Years Prof Jennie Lindon   Hodder
9781444145489 Safeguarding and Child Protection: 0-8 Y Jennie Lindon   Hodder
9781861528407 Sticks and Stones (10-14):               Crockett        Cengage
9781444157413 The EYFS: A Practical Guide for Students Vicky Hutchin   Hodder
9781444170979 Understanding Children’s Behaviour: 0-11 Jennie Lindon   Hodder
9781412936132 Working Memory and Learning              Susan Gathercol Sage
9781444178821 Working with Families in Children’s Cent Cath Arnold, Ma Hodder
9780131707481 Active experiences for active children   Carol Seefeldt  Prentice 
9780415584081 The literate classroom                   D.Fulton        routledge
9780534508296 Reading asessment for dignostic prescrip Anthony V Manzo Cengage 
9780748772797 Helping troubled pupils                  Chris kyriacou  Nelson thornes
9780803965072 Performance based curriculum for science Helen L Burz    corwin press
9780857250780 Primary mathematics teaching theory and  Mary Briggs     CPS
9780230281028 Culture and identity –                   Warren Kidd     Palgrave
9781408284780 Rethinking secondary education           Scherto gill    PEARSON
9781412908924 Science curriculum topic study           P.Keeley        corwan
9781441157393 Inclusive educationapolitics and policy Anastasia Liasi Continuum
9781844451883 Behaviour for learning                   Kate adams      CPS
9781844452149 Achieving your master in teaching and le Mary MCATEER    Prentice 
9781133049920 Child family school community sosoling s Roberta M Berns cengage 
9780415877381 Language teacher education for a global  B Kumaravadivel Routledge
9780230227910 Becoming an Academic                     Lynn Mcalpine   Palgrave
9781412901109 Management Skills in Schools:            JONES           Sage
9781452255460 Supervision that improves teaching and l GALL            Wiley
9780748768592 Mastering Teaching Skills Series – Expla Trevor Lewis Kerry Nelson Thornes
9780415446679 Pragmatics and Discourse                 Joan Cutting Routledge
9780761938552 Teaching strategies for active learning  Donna E.  Corwin
9781412942256 Writing a Successful Thesis or Dissertat Dr. Fred C. Lunenburg and Dr. Beverly J. Irby Sage
9780132698160 Methods for effective teaching            Paul R. Burden Pearson
9781453621547 On liberty and other writings             John Stuart Mill  Createspace
9780415687799 Debates in Geography Education-          LAMBERT         Routledge
9781412961011 Essentials of Science Classroom Assessme  Xiufeng Liu    SAGE 
9781471846694 Early Childhood Education-Tina Bruce     Tina Bruce      Hodder Education
9781412965644 No Limits to Literacy for Preschool Engl Theresa A. (Ann  Corwin 
9780761943716 Understanding School Leadership          Peter Earley    Sage
9781441143518 Teaching and Learning and the Curriculum Emmanuel Mufti   Continuum
9781849666176 The Digital Scholar                      Martin Weller   Bloomsbury
9780826438775 Manage Very Chall Behaviour 2E     Leaman,Louisa MacMillan
9780826472014 Art Education 2Nd Edition   Hickman,Richard MacMillan
9780826487605 Teaching Physical Education In The  Pickup Pickup,Ian  MacMillan
9780826489494 Teaching Foreign Languages In Prima  Kirsch,Claudine MacMillan
9780826493538 Secondary Teacher’s Handbook 2nd Ed  ,Lyn   MacMillan
9780826499776 Education Policy Practice Bates,Jane MacMillan
9781441123565 Maths Across The Curriculum   Fox,Sue   MacMillan
9781441145345 CEB:History Teachers Handbook Smith,Neil    MacMillan
9781441154224 MASCL:MasterClass in Religious Educ  Gearon,Liam  MacMillan
9781441172044 RTeach:Reflective Teaching in Early  Colwell,Jennifer  MacMillan
9781441186560 KDEP:Teaching Thinking Skills 2Ed    Johnson,Stephen MacMillan
9781780937922 RTeach:Reflective Teaching in Furth   Gregson,Margaret MacMillan
9781847063854 CEB:RE Teacher’s Handbook    Wood,Cavan   MacMillan
9781847065025 Physical Education Learning (P) Bailey,Richard MacMillan
9781855391833 New Learning Revolution  Dryden,Gordon    MacMillan
9781446268605  Exploring Children’s Lit 3/ed     Gamble N      Sage
9781446295922  Prim Sci: Knowledge & Under 7e    Peacock G et al   Sage
9781848601192  Undrstd Primary Science 3/e CD   Wenham M & Ovens P  Sage
9780761974529   Making Sense Education Policy  Whitty G       Sage
9780857023407   Primary Humanities         Pickford T et al     Sage
9780857027375 Talent Management in Education    Davies B & Davies B  Sage
9780857028518  Diversity Inclusion Early Chldhd     Devarakonda C Sage
9780857029232  Develop as Educ Leader & Manager       Crawford M    Sage
9781412901611  Teaching Design & Tech 3-11   Newton D          Sage
9781412907231   The Power of Pedagogy   Leach J & Moon R   Sage
9781412934107   Key Concepts Teach Prim Maths Haylock D   Sage
9781412934244  Dev Language Literacy Young 3e    Whitehead M         Sage
9781412935630  Prim ICT E-Learn Coord Man BK1    Wright J           Sage
9781412954815 Becoming Legendary Teacher 2/e   Freeman W & Scheidec    Sage
9781412957311  Tasks & Rubrics Balanced Maths  Schwartz J & Kenney  Sage
9781412964982  Teach Them ALL to Read 2/ed   McEwan-Adkins E  Sage
9781412979788  Lead Good Schools to Greatness   Gray S & Streshly W   Sage
9781412994408   Learning for Leadership     Drago-Severson E et    Sage
9781446207154 Reflective Teaching & Learn 2e Dymoke S       Sage
9781446207901 Prof Issues in Secondary Teach  Mercier C et al    Sage
9781446207956  Understanding the Music Indust   Anderton C et al  Sage
9781446249697  Study Skills for Town & Country     Sheppard A & Smith N      Sage
9781446253342  Leading Prof Practice in Educ  Wise C et al    Sage
9781446255438   Creative Teaching Primry Science    Cutting R & Kelly O    Sage
9781446256527   Leading & Managing People Educ 3   Bush T & Middlewood    Sage
9781446259276   Critical Companion Early Child   Reed M & Walker R   Sage
9781446267899 Subject Teaching in Primary Ed   Smith P & Dawes L Sage
9781446272893 Sociology of Education  Boronski T & Hassan   Sage
9781446274231   Academic Practice      Weller S      Sage
9781444175875 Early Childhood Studies 3rd Edition-     Jayne Taylor, E Hodder Education
9781446282120  Learning, Teaching and Develop  Ashmore L & Robinson  Sage
9781446282526 Teaching Computing -/2ed   Simmons C & Hawkins  Sage
9781446293980 Success Induc for New Teacher 2e     Bubb S   Sage
9781446295090  Primary Science 2nd Edition     Dunne M & Peacock A Sage
9781446295113  Reflective Primary Mathematics     Jackson E    Sage
9781446295359  Practitioner Research in Early C    Newman L & Woodrow C Sage
9781446295861   Primary ICT: Knowl Under Prac 6e     Turvey K et al  Sage
9781446295908   Lesson in Teach Comp in Prim Sch     Bird J et al    Sage
9781446296561  Primary Science Trainee Teaccher      Roden J & Archer J    Sage
9781452260983   Diff Instruct Strat: One Size 3E   Gregory G & Chapman   Sage
9781452290423 A School Board Guide to Leading    Hirsh S & Foster A  Sage
9781452292014 Reach High Stnd Prof Learn Desig    Drago-Severson E et      Sage
9781473903876 The Primary Curriculum    Driscoll P et al     Sage
9781473905887 Primry Maths Trainee Teachers  Witt M Sage
9781473912236  Planning Primary National Curric     Sewell K     Sage
9781473915947  Exemplar Phonics Lessons for Int  Waugh D et al   Sage
9781483308098 Impl Monitoring and Process Eval  Saunders R     Sage
9781483317724  The STEM Shift      Myers A & Berkowicz  Sage
9781483351209  Proven Prg Edu: Clas Mgm & Assmt Slavin R  Sage
9781483352176 Science Formative Assess 2e Vol1    Keeley P     Sage
9781483358338  Developing Monitoring and Evalua   Markiewicz A & Patri  Sage
9781483371382   Partnering With Students    O’Connell M & Vandas   Sage
9781483373799 Talk About Teaching!, 2e     Danielson C      Sage
9781483373881  Assessment 3.0            Barnes M       Sage
9781483376417  Quantitative Rsrch in Ed 2e     Hoy W & Adams C   Sage
9781444156676 Early Years for Levels 4 & 5 and the Fou Francisca Veale Hodder Education
9781844450541   Primary Maths: Extending Knowled   Hansen A Sage
9781844451388 Primary Languages: Effect Learn   Martin C       Sage
9781844451425   Learning to Teach Primary PE       Pickup I et al         Sage
9781844451722  Applied Social Science for Early  Ingleby E & Oliver G     Sage
9781844451753   Teaching Early Years Foundation   Basford J & Hodson E    Sage
9781844451920  Teaching Primary Geography   Catling S & Willy T   Sage
9781844452118 Teaching Humanities in Primary S  Hoodless P et al  Sage
9781847874665 Key Issues in Educ Policy Ward S & Eden C    Sage
9781849201261   Secondary Science 11 to 16    Ireson G et al        Sage
9781849201964  Primary English Teaching        Cox R  Sage
9780415689052 Debates in Design and Technology Education Gwyneth Owen-Jackson Taylor & Francis
9780415698856 TEACHING HISTORY CREATIVELY CO Hilary Cooper Taylor & Francis
9780415623100 INTRODUCTION TO STUDY EDUCATION David Matheson Taylor & Francis
9780415618878 Debates in Art and Design Education Nicholas Addison and Lesley Burgess Taylor & Francis
9780415571623 DEBATES IN HISTORY TEACHING DA Ian Davies Taylor & Francis
9780415638449 GLOBAL ENGLISHES (RELI) Jennifer Jenkins Taylor & Francis
9780415835329 INTRODUCING GLOBAL ENGLISHES Nicola Galloway and Heath Rose Taylor & Francis
9781138785991 LEARNING TO TEACH PE IN SCHOOL Susan Capel Taylor & Francis
9780415613095 PHYSICA EDUC IN THE PRIMARY SC Gerald Griggs Taylor & Francis
9781138019003 RE IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL – H James Holt Taylor & Francis
9780415894951 SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION   Susan M. Gass Taylor & Francis
9781138843004 SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION READER Alan R. Sadovnik and Ryan W. Coughlan Taylor & Francis
9780415656085 TEACHING PE CREATIVELY  Angela Pickard Taylor & Francis
9781405824101 EFFECTIVE TEACHING RE – WATSON Brenda Watson and Penny Thompson Taylor & Francis
9780415266697 ISSUES ART & DESIGN TEACHING Nicholas Addison Taylor & Francis
9780415345705 ROUT FALMER READER HISTORY EDU Gary McCulloch Taylor & Francis
9780415327763 THE ROUT READER IN SOC OF EDU   Stephen Ball Taylor & Francis
9780415367400 UNDERSTANDING ART EDUCATION  Nicholas Addison Taylor & Francis
9780130320179 Health Teacher’s Book Of Lists MEd. Patricia Rizzo-Toner Wiley
9780470230794 Writing Assessment 2e Nancy Mather and Barbara J. Wendling Wiley
9780470259368 Social Skills Activ/secondry Stu 2E Darlene Mannix Wiley
9780470259375 Life Skills Activ Spec Children 2E Darlene Mannix Wiley
9780470623114 Effective Continuing Education Ronald M. Cervero Wiley
9780470643341 Best Practices in Adult Learning Lee Bash Wiley
9780470770375 Planning Programs Adult Learners 3e Rosemary S. Caffarella and Sandra Ratcliff Daffron Wiley
9780470873564 Contemporary Issues in Adult Education Sharan B. Merriam and André P. Grace Wiley
9780787961435 Evaluation for Continuing Education Alan B. Knox Wiley
9780787965761 Exceptional Teacher Aaronsohn Wiley
9780787978082 Discussion as a Way of Teaching 2e Stephen D. Brookfield and Stephen Preskill Wiley
9780787984342 Mentoring Teachers Toward Excellence Judith H. Shulman and Mistilina Sato Wiley
9781118095683 Surv Guide New Special Educators Bonnie S. Billingsley and Mary T. Brownell Wiley
9781118436325 Developing Adult Learners P Kathleen Taylor Wiley
9781118456217 JB Reader on Ed Leadership 3e Margaret Grogan and Michael Fullan Wiley
9781118841365 How To Teach Adults Expanded Edition Dan Spalding Wiley
9781118526347 Everyone at the Table Ellen Behrstock-Sherratt and Allison Rizzolo Wiley
9781118937754 Adhd Book Of Lists 2e Sandra F. Rief Wiley
9781118974209 Go Blended! Liz Arney Wiley
9781405145138 Philosophy Methodology and Educational David Bridges Wiley
9780803968585 Enhancing program quality in science and mathematics K Bourexis corwin
9781412926447 Mathematics Curriculum Topic Study  Cheryl M Rose corwin
9781412927888 Teaching Literacy K Egan corwin
9781412937849 Strategies for successful classroom management  Brian  corwin
9781412975384 mental health in schools l taylor corwin
9781412988339 Grading expectional and struggling learners  LEE corwin
9781412991339 The Power of Teacher Teams: With Cases, Analyses, and Strategies for Success vivian  troen corwin
9781412992084 Assessment-Powered Teaching  N.W Sindelar corwin
9781412993999 Differentiating Science Instruction and Assessment for Learners With Special Needs Kevin D Finson corwin
9780761946489 Improving Reading and Literacy in Grades 1-5 edward p st john corwin
9780137153046 Science Instruction in the Middle and Secondary Schools Eugene Chiyappetta Pearson
9780230573055 The Study Skills Handbook S Cottrell MacMillan
9780415570015 Placing Students at the Heart of Creative Learning  mike owen Ruotledge
9780415638487 Essentials of Elementary Social Studies- TURNER          Routledge
9780415811545 From Testing to Productive Student Learn CARLESS         Taylor & Francis
9781843124214 Geography 3-11 Aguide for teacher s-     H Cooper        ROUTLEDGE
9781452255446 Getting to the Core of Literacy for Hist Giouroukakis V  Sage
9780805855722 Inside the Social Studies Classroom-     BROPHY          Routledge
9781412971102 Integrating Language Arts and Social Stu Melber L & Hunt Sage
9781446210574 Key Concepts in Educational Assessment-  Isaacs T et al  SAGE Publications Ltd
9781444144246 Leadership and Early Years Professionali Jennie Lindon Hodder
9781844451081 Achieving QTS Teaching Religious educati McCreery, Elaine Learning Matters
9780415381260 A n introduction to philosophy of educat Woods Taylor & Francis
9789966846815 Fundamentals of Sociology of Education w Kibera, Lucy Wairimu;Kimokoti, Agnes African Books Collective
9780826487674 Teaching Religious Education Stern,Julian Bloomsbury Publishing
9780826499769 Study Of Education Intro (P) Bates,Jane Bloomsbury Publishing
9781412952002   Literacy for Young Children Griffith,Priscilla L;Beach,Sally;Ruan,Jiening;Dunn,Loraine Corwin
9781412996587  Literacy Assmt & Instruct Stratg Grant,Kathy B;Sandra,E. Golden;Nance,S. Wilson SAGE Inc.
9781446254653   School-based Teacher Training White,Elizabeth;Jarvis,Joy SAGE Publications Ltd
9781446268438   Teaching Grammar,Pun & Spell P/S Waugh, David UNKNOWN
9781844451401 Teaching History Primary Schools Hoodless, Pat UNKNOWN
9781847873774 Teach Science Primary Class 2e Ward,Hellen;Roden,Judith;Hewlett,Claire;Foreman,Julie SAGE Publications Ltd
9780415230285 TEACHING PE PRIMARY SCHOOL Hopper Taylor & Francis
9780415584890 INTRODUCING TRANSLATION STUDIE Munday Taylor & Francis
9780787947293 Power Practice Adult Education Cervero RM John Wiley & Sons
9780787948450 Learning Transformation Theory Jack Mezirow And Associates UNKNOWN
9780787966287 New School Health Handbook 3e Newton J John Wiley & Sons
9781405140515 Companion to the Philosophy of Education Curren, Randall Wiley-Blackwell
9780796209023 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY – An African Pers Mwamwenda Pearson
9780230549265 School Choice and Student Well-Being: Opportunit A. Kelly Palgrave Macmillan UK
9780748612628 Language Planning in Education (Edinburgh Textbo Ferguson Edinburgh Uni Press
9780582553798 An Introduction to Discourse Analysis Coulthard Taylor & Francis
9781138797079 ESSENTIALS OF INSTRUCTIONAL DE Brown Taylor & Francis
9781444105933 Teach English as a Foreign Language: Teach Yours Riddell, David H & S General Publishing
9781472534705 Educational Research Wellington,Jerry Bloomsbury Publishing
9781890455101 The Teacher’s Guide to Inclusive Education Hammeken,Peggy A Corwin
9782869781863 Higher Education in Africa: Crises, Reforms and Assie-Lumumba, N’dri, T. African Books Collective
9781473953512 Undstg Maths for Young Children Haylock,Derek;Cockburn,Anne SAGE Publications Ltd