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9780415370103 Business Organisation for Construction-    
9780415345101 Critical realist applications in organis    
9780273683360 Managing Change: A Strategic Approach to Organis    
9780804748902 Formal organizations: a comparative approach    
MANAG197 Investments (MISL-WILEY)    
9789332559400 Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage    
9789352021819 Essentials of business Environment    
9781118830093 Bringing Strategy Back    
9780627023194 Business Management    
9780324205459 Dictionary of Business Terms:    
9780230308169 Beyond Management Taking Charge at Work- Mark Addleson   Palgrave Macmillan
9781846906206 BTEC Level 2 business –                  Carol Carysfort PEARSON
9781444111873 BTEC Level 3 business 1-                 Naomi Bichall   Hodder
9781846906343 btec Level 3 business bk 1-              John  Bevan     PEARSON
9780324789225 Business Strategy-                       Hoskisson/Hitt/ UNKNOWN
9780415500685 Developing High Performance Leaders-     HARRIS          Routledge
9781133584698 The Management of Strategy: Concepts In Ireland/Hoskiss Cengage
9780538727006 The Power of Global Capital: New Interna Hyman           Cengage
9780538752503 Theory of Strategic Management with Case Jones/Hill      Cengage
9781133584704 Theory of Strategic Management Internat Jones/Hill      Cengage
9780538754408 Theory of Strategic Management Internat Jones/Hill      Cengage
9781592009121 UML for the IT Business Analyst: A Pract Podeswa         Cengage
9780324306040 Understanding Concepts of Business Strat Ireland/Hoskiss Cengage
9781861523778 What Is Strategy and Does It Matter?:    Whittington     Cengage
9780132811361 Management business process flows        Ravi Anupindi   PEARSON
9780199543939 Global strategic management              K.Mellahi       oxford
9780273737025 Exploring strategy text and cases        Gerry Johnson   Prentice 
9780857024299 Researching power elites and leadership  Christopher Wil Sage 
9781412999236 Introduction to non profit management    M.Dato-on       sage
9781111186784 Crisis intervention strategies           Richards K Stra Wadsworth Publishing
9780071317917 Strategic Management: Text  and cases    Dess            Mcgraw Hill
9780749465544 Implementing Strategic Change
Tom Bevington,  Kogan
9780273600978 Environmental management and business st Richard  Welfor Pearson
9780415635509 Total Quality Management for Organizatio Goetasch, David Pearson
9781904838326 BUILDING THE LEARNING ORGANIZATI  Michael J. Marquardt Ed.D. TBS
9780230205826 Innovation Management – Strategy and implementation keith Goffin MacMillan
9780333914762 Economics for Business C Sloman Wiley
9781292022338 Quality Management for Organisational Excellence David L Pearson
9788131707043 Management James A F Stoner Pearson
9781111525668 Management Fundamentals International E  Griffin         Cengage
9780333929384 Mastering Management Skills-             Richard Petting Palgrave
9780230203921 Organizational Stress Management-        Ashley Weinberg Palgrave Macmillan
9781844809936 Strategic Management-                    Witcher/Chau    Cengage
9780749463311 The 30 Day MBA
Colin Barrow
9780135009338 Business Forecasting: International Edit  John E. Hanke and Dean Wichern Pearson
9780749459789 The Business Guide to Credit Management Jonathan Reuvid Kogan
9780333335291 Mastering Business Communication-        L. A. Woolcott  Palgrave
9780077140878 International busines: the challenge of  Ball            McGraw
9780071263191 Corporate Information Strategy & Managem Lynda M. Appleg McGraw
9780273787068 International business-                  S.Tamer Cavusgi Pearson 
9780340991909 BTEC Level 2  first business –           Dave Needham    Hodder Education
9780071289238 New Products Management 10th Ed-         M. Crawford, A  McGraw-Hill
9781435455108 101 Ways to Successfully Market Yourself Miletsky        Cengage
9781861529800 Be Your Own Strategy Consultant: Demysti Grundy/Brown    Cengage
9780324580655 Business and Society International Edit Buchholtz/Carro Cengage
9780030313226                          Robbins         Cengage
9780324581881 BUSN (with Review Cards and Printed Acce Kelly/McGowen   Cengage
9781111221461 BUSN 4 (with Business CourseMate with eB Kelly/McGowen   Cengage
9781133584711 Case Studies in Strategic Management In Jones/Hill      Cengage
9780538754415 Case Studies in Strategic Management In Jones/Hill      Cengage
9781861527844 Creating the Healthy Organization: Well- Newell          Cengage
9781598631999 Finding Success Under 25:                Harkins         Cengage
9781408008843 Fundamentals of Business Information Sys Stair/Reynolds/ Cengage
9781844807840 International Business and Management:   Kelly           Cengage
9781844808823 Management – Daft/Kendrick               Daft/Kendrick/V Cengage
9780538467773 Management: Principles and Practices In Griffin         Cengage
9780538469272 Management: The New Workplace Internati Daft/Marcic     Cengage
9781408083093 Maths and English for Business Administr Spencer/Vella   Cengage
9781408083086 Maths and English for Retail: Functional Vella           Cengage
9781111221317 MGMT 4 (with Management CourseMate with  Williams        Cengage
9780324598193 New Era of Management International Edi Daft            Cengage
9780618641529 NEW VENTURE W/WEBCARD 4ED:               ALLEN           Cengage
9780170185950 Organisational Change: Development and T Waddell/Cumming Cengage
9780324225105 Organization Development and Change Int Cummings/Worley Cengage
9780324376821 Our Feature Presentation: Human Resource Champoux        Cengage
9781111525644 Principles of Management International  Cassidy/Kreitne Cengage
9781861527813 Recruitment and Selection: A Framework f Cooper/Robertso Cengage
9781408018071 Strategic Management: Awareness and Chan Thompson/Martin Cengage
9781844801923 Strategy Synthesis: Concise: Resolving S de Wit/Meyer    Cengage
9781408018996 Strategy Synthesis: Resolving Strategy P de Wit/Meyer    Cengage
9781861529992 Surviving the Workplace: A Guide to Emot Cooper/Weinberg Cengage
9781435458994 Take Your iPad to Work:                  Proffitt        Cengage
9780324271515 The E-Business Revolution & The New Econ Adams           Cengage
9781439035924 The Essentials of the Future of Business McDaniel/Gitman Cengage
9781133584681 The Management of Strategy: Cases Inter Ireland/Hoskiss Cengage
9780538753197 The Management of Strategy: Concepts and Ireland/Hoskiss Cengage
9781452299594 Planning and Organizing Standard Chapman,Carolyn;King,Rita M Corwin
9781861529923 Business in Context  Needle Cengage
9780130284198 E-Business and e-Commerce: How to Program Deitel,Paul Higher Education
9780566091940 Creating and Re-Creating Corporate Entrepreneuri Salama Taylor & Francis
9788172249069 The Complete Guide to Business Risk Management #N/A #N/A
9781259001642 Strategic management : planning for domestic & g #N/A #N/A
9788178294551 The practice of making strategy #N/A #N/A
9780330504195 Effective Leadership Adair, John Pan Macmillan
9780273708896 Quantitative Approach in Bus Studies Morris,Clare Higher Education
9780324362053 Supervisory Management Donald Mosley Cengage
9781138789838 Customer Relationship Mngt Buttle Taylor & Francis
9781292016016 Procurement principles and management – Farmer,David Higher Education
9781292021102 Chech in check out managing hotel operations 8th   Higher Education
9781292026985 Professional Front Office Management   Higher Education
9788131720769 New Era #N/A #N/A
9788175542488 Strategic Management #N/A #N/A
9789332548237 Supply Chain Management #N/A #N/A