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9780195577853 New Media    
  Towards press freedom    
9780415336352 Feature Writing for Journalists-    
9781439048320 Understanding Interpersonal Communicatio    
9780749449681 Online Public Relations    
9780415506762 Strategic planning ror public relations-    
9780495050360 Only Connect    
9780748782901 AQA Drama and Theatre –                  Su Fielder      Nelson Thornes
9780415645935 Arguing-                                 HAMPLE          Routledge
9781846906725 BTEC Level 3 creative media production-  Baylis          PEARSON
9780415804042 Communication and Organizational Knowled CANARY          Routledge
9780415404204 English for Journalists-                 Wynford Hicks   Routledge
9780415477758 Interviewing for Journalists-            Sally Adams     Routledge
9780415885232 Making Sense of Media and Politics-      Five Principles Taylor & Francis
9780415574990 Media Perspectives for the 21st Century- Stylianos Papat Taylor & Francis
9780340958711 OCR Media Studies For A2-                Julian McDougal hodder
9780534531461 Online Journalism: Reporting Writing a   Craig           Cengage Learning EMEA
9780340983416 OQA Media Studies  for GCSE-             Eileen Lewis    hodder
9780415553209 Reporting for Journalists-               Chris Frost     Routledge
9780495908753 Understanding Interpersonal Communicatio Turner, Lynn H. Cengage
9780340719046 Understanding Media Theory –             Kevin Williams  Bloomsbury
9780415581684 Writing for Broadcast Journalists-       Rick Thomson    Routledge
9780495833468 Communicating in groups and teams –      Gay Lumsden     Cengage
9780495793892 Communication in small groups –          John F Cragan   Cengage
9780534633448 Effective small group and team communica Judith D Hoover Cengage
9780789668066 Business data communications-            Shelly Cashman  Thomson Learning
9780340588895 Media discourse –                        Norman Fairclou Hodder
9780495570134 COMM 2008 Edition (with Access Bind-In C Verderber/Verde Cengage
9780495567523 Communication Between Cultures Internat Samovar/Porter/ Cengage
9781439085127 Gendered Lives: Communication Gender an Wood            Cengage
9780495794233 In Mixed Company: Communicating in Small Rothwell        Cengage
9780495554219 Intercultural Communication: A Reader I Samovar/Porter/ Cengage
9780495006534 Interpersonal Communication: Everyday En Wood            Cengage
9780495914549 IPC (with CourseMate Interactive Video  West/Turner     Cengage
9781439048368 Mass Media Research: An Introduction In Wimmer/Dominick Cengage
9780495503071 Media Programming: Strategies and Practi Eastman/Ferguso Cengage
9781111829537 Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Me Biagi           Cengage
9780495565819 Organizational Communication: Approaches Miller          Cengage
9781111835026 Media Programming: Strategies and Practi Susan Eastman and Douglas Ferguson Cengage
9780340972625 Advanced dramma and theatre studies      Jonothan Neelan hodder
9780415430760 Ethics for journalists                   Richard Keeble  Routledge
9780415448000 The media and social theory              David Hesmondha Routledge
9780415540858 African theatres and perfomances         Osita Okagbue   Routledge
9780415533843 Communication Science Theory and Researc Krcmar Taylor & Francis
9788131300381 multimedia journalism 1st #N/A #N/A
9780074601051 Television and video engineering 2nd ed Dhake McGraw
9780205991600 Short Course in Photography, A : Digital Plus Ne   Higher Education
9780131896093 Photography Barbara London Higher Education