Music textbooks in stock

9780340652237 Making Popular Music    
9781111837754 Anthology for Musical Analysis Internat  Burkhart/Rothst Cengage
9780761908364 Popular Music Gender and Postmodernism Neil Nehring    Sage Publications
9780787966898 Music Teacher’S Book Of Lists P Cynthia Meyers Ross and Karen Meyers Stangl Wiley
9780415537612 Jazz Theory-                             TEREFENKO       Routledge
9780415994583 A field guide to student teaching in mus Ann C. Clements Routledge 
9780415802444 Developing musicianship through aural sk Kent D.Cleland  Routledge 
9780415972048 Enthnomusicology –                       Jennifer C.Post Routledge 
9780415974417 Guitar tunnings -A Comprehensive guide – Dick Weissman   Routledge 
9780415888981 Keyboard skills for music education –    Shellie Gregori Routledge 
9780415970686 The basic -Blues –                       Dick Weissman   Routledge 
9780415966948 The basic -Jazz-                         Christopher Mee Routledge 
9780415970723 The basic -Opera –                       Denise Gallo    Routledge 
9781138791466 The organ -An encyclopedia –             Douglas E.Bush  Routledge
9780415988650 The principles and practice of modal cou Douglas M green Routledge 
9780415888745 The routledge film music sourcebook –    James Wierzbick Routledge 
9780415875660 Twentieth-century organ music –          Christopher S.A Routledge 
9781425246507 High school musical –                    Peter Barsocchi Disney 
9780155062429 Harmony and Voice Leading:               Aldwell/Schacht Cengage
9781133308683 Music for Ear Training International Ed Horvit/Koozin/N Cengage
9781133309031 Music for Sight Singing International E Benjamin/Horvit Cengage
9781133309222 The Essential Listening to Music Intern Wright          Cengage
9780415873260 That’s the joiny                         MURRAY FORMAN   ROUTLEDGE
9780241001639 All you need to know about the music business Donald S Passman Penguin
9780253018038 African Music, Power, and Being in Colonial Zimb Chikowero Indiana University Press