Philosophy textbooks in stock

9780415774994 Logic: The Basics-    
9781111185893 A Concise Introduction to Logic Interna  Hurley          Cengage
9780534538842 Basics of Reasoning-                     Munson/Conway   Cengage
9780230019447 Knowledge-                               Duncan Pritchar Palgrave
9780415993517 Philosophy of Love Sex and Marriage-     HALWANI         Routledge
9780415891776 Philosophy of Science-                   A Contemporary  Routledge
9780495909095 The elements of social scientific thinki Kenneth Hoover  Cengage
9780495504030 A Concise Introduction to Logic Interna Hurley          Cengage
9780155078499 A New History of Philosophy Volume II:  Matson          Cengage
9781133050032 A Preface to Philosophy:                 Woodhouse       Cengage
9780495103431 Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings I Olen/Van Camp/B Cengage
9781133050360 Archetypes of Wisdom: An Introduction to Soccio          Cengage
9780495810957 Attacking Faulty Reasoning: A Practical  Damer           Cengage
9780495605102 Engineering Ethics: Concepts and Cases  Harris, Jr./Pri Cengage
9781133310099 Ethics: A Pluralistic Approach to Moral  Hinman          Cengage
9780840033772 Ethics: Theory & Contemporary Issues – C MacKinnon       Cengage
9781133049746 Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues  MacKinnon       Cengage
9780534626044 Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric: The Use Kahane/Cavender Cengage
9780495810117 Roots of Wisdom International Edition:  Mitchell        Cengage
9781111827618 The Elements of Reasoning International Munson/Black    Cengage
9780534528256 The Place of Mind:                       Cooney          Cengage
9780826486554 Knowledge                                Duncan Pritchar wiley
9781111841522 Introduction to logic and critical think Marly H         cengage 
9781439042007 The Big Questions: A Short Introduction  Robert C Solomo Continuum
9781405195645 New Philosophies Learning Cigman R Wiley Blackwell
9780155003736 Philosophy-An Intro to the Art of Wondering James L. Christian Cengage