Records Management & Information Science textbooks in stock

9780754672883 The Virtual Representation of the Past    
9780124202313 Measuring and Managing Information Risk    
9780789037084 An Introduction to Instructional Service CONNOR          Routledge
9781856045704 Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules – AACR2 CILIP           Facet Publishing
9780789037954 Career Paths and Career Development of B ZABEL           Routledge
9780566083655 Local studies collection management      Michael dewe    CPS
9781591585657 Crash course in teen services             Donna P. Miller Libraries
9780566076916 Effective Library and Information Centre Jo Bryson       Ashgate
9781856045193 Essential Dewey –                        J H Bowman      Facet
9781409402060 Government Information Management in the Peggy Garvin    Ashagate
9781856044967 Managing Acquisitions in Library and Inf Liz Chapman     Facet
9781856045742 Preservation Management for Libraries A  G E Gorman and  Facet
9781856045612 Introducing information management –     Elena Maceviciu Facet 
9781591583660 Web Design for Libraries-                Charles P. Rube Libraries
9781856044837 Managing your Internet and Intranet Serv  Peter Griffiths Facet
9781843346296 Becoming Confident Teachers: A Guide for C  McGuinness   Elsevier
9781598848649 Collection Management Basics             G. EDWARD EVANS Libraries Unlimited
9781843346722 Data Clean-Up and Management: A Practica Hogarth   &     Elsevier
9781610690058 Electronic Resources Management in the A Karin Wikoff    Libraries Unlimited
9781610694735 Internet Technologies and Information Se JOSEPH B. MILLE Libraries Unlimited
9781591588894 Introduction to Technical Services       G. EDWARD EVANS Libraries Unlimited
9781843346067 Making a Collection Count: A Holistic Ap Hibner   &    K Elsevier
9781843345992 Managing Image Collections               M  Note         Elsevier
9781843346449 Qualitative Research and the Modern Libr V  Goodman      Elsevier
9780538724661 Records Management Judith Reed-Smith  Cengage
9781843346692 Academic and Professional Publishing Campbell, Robert Chandos Pub