Research Methods textbooks in stock

9781848601161 Handbook of Data Analysis    
9781848139503   Decolonizing Methodologies: Research a    
9788121941006 Introduction to Operations Research    
9781606060469 Stone Conservation    
9781876938420 Research Methods for Students, Academics and Profe    
9789325982390 research methodology    
9780198755951 Social Research Methods    
9780135143506 Applied multivariate statistical analysi    
9781412997805 Methods for Policy Research    
9780857029140 Constructing Grounded Theory-            Kathy Charmaz   SAGE Publications Ltd
9780415990264 Distinctive Qualities in Communication R Donal Carbaugh  Routledge
9780415781008 Thinking with Theory in Qualitative Rese  Alecia Youngblood Jackson and Lisa A Mazzei Sage
9781412914932  Data Strats Uncover Eliminate Johnson R & Salle R    Sage
9780534577803 Fundamental statistics for behavioural sciences Robert McCall Thompson
9781408060193 Quantitative methods for business decisions J Curwin Cengage
9781452203515 How to Write a Master’s Thesis-          Yvonne N. Bui   SAGE Inc.
9780761915232 Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative David L. Morgan Sage
9781412997355 Regression ANOVA and the General Linea   Peter Vik       SAGE Inc.
9781452230337 Research Methods-                        Carrie A. Picar Sage
9781446208496 Research with Children-                  Michelle O’Reil Sage
9781452217420 Running Behavioral Studies With Human Pa Frank E. Ritter SAGE Inc.
9781446208939 Statistics for Healthcare Professionals- Ian Scott and D Sage
9781608716906 Working with political science Research  Jason D Mycoff  sage
9781412974066 A Conceptual Guide to Statistics Using S Elliot. T Berkm Sage
9781133109310 Applied Mathematics for the Managerial  Tan             Cengage
9781849205627 Critical Reading and Writing for Postgra Mike Wallace an Sage
9780826467881 Dissertation Skills: For Management and  White           Cengage
9781446203255 Essential Study Skills                   Tom Burns and S Sage
9780761973836 How to Design and Report Experiments     Andy Field and  Sage
9781452288901 Monte Carlo Simulation and Resampling Me Thomas M. Carse Sage
9780857025104 Sampling and Choosing Cases in Qualitati Nick Emmel      Sage
9781446270448 The SAGE Handbook of Case-Based Methods  David Byrne and Sage
9780803950436 Qualitative Research                     Janice Morse    SAGE
9781446271247 Research Design in Social Work Campbell,Anne;Taylor,Brian;Taylor,Brian Learning Matters