Social Work & Counselling textbooks in stock

9780205001972 Introduction to Social Work    
9780826134325 Social Work ASWB Bachelors Practice Test    
9781412916387 A Practical Approach to Trauma-          P Dass Braisfor sage
9780415894401 Arguing About Human Nature –             Downes and Mach ROUTLEDGE
9780230337220 A-Z of Professional Ethics-              Richard Hugman  Palgrave
9781412968904 Case Conceptualization and Treatment Pla Berman P        Sage
9780495603641 Research Design in Counseling Internati Heppner/Wampold Cengage
9780748769322 STORYTELLING IN THERAPY:                 CRAWFORD        Cengage
9780495009474 Systems of Psychotherapy: A Transtheoret Prochaska/Norcr Cengage
9780495604303 Systems of Psychotherapy: A Transtheoret Prochaska/Norcr Cengage
9781133308751 The Art of Integrative Counseling Inter Corey           Cengage
9780495102144 The Art of Integrative Counseling:       Corey           Cengage
9780748781713 The Counsellor’s Handbook: A Practical A Bayne/Jinks/Col Cengage
9780495595243 The Reluctant Welfare State: Engaging Hi Jansson         Cengage
9780495127956 The Skilled Helper: A Problem-Management Egan            Cengage
9780495603627 Theories of Psychotherapy & Counseling:  Sharf           Cengage
9781133354727 Understanding human behaviour and the so Charles Zatstro Cengage
9781412922401 Counselling survivals of childhood sexua  Claire Burke Draucker Sage
9780761968573 Death Dying and Bereavement-             Donna Dickenson Sage
9781403943279 Difference and Diversity in counselling  Sue Wheeler     Palgrave
9781137319920 Disability Culture and Community Perform Petra Kuppers   Palgrave
9780761936442 Discourses on Aging and Dying –          Chalterjee      sage
9781412975759 Evidence-Based Practice With Women-      Markward M & Ye SAGE Inc.
9780230277564 Grief and its Challenges-                Neil Thompson   Palgrave
9781403939517 International Perspectives on Social Wor Karen Lyons, Ka Palgrave
9780840032102 Interviewing in Action in a Multicultura Murphy/Dillon   Cengage
9781446207307 Key Concepts in Social Work Practice-    Worsley A et al Sage
9781412959599 Multicultural Couple Therapy-            Rastogi M & Tho Sage
9780495604266 Program Evaluation-                      Royse/Thyer/Pad Cengage
9780230240186 Self awareness and personal Development  C Rose          ROUTLEDGE
9780230275584 Sexuality Equality and Diversity-        Diane Richardso Palgrave
9780230551572 Short term psychotherapy –               Alex Coren      Palgrave
9780230300743 Social Work Practice-                    Veronica Coulsh Palgrave
9780230237988 Sociology Youth and Youth Work Practice  Simon Bradford  Palgrave
9781412926096 Understanding communication and aging-   J Harwood       sage
9780230297944 Working with Abused Children-            Celia Doyle     Palgrave
9781412905848 Reading in family therapy from theory to Janice M Rashee Sage
9781446208892 Social work -an introduction –           Joyce Lishman   Sage 
9781446267332 Skills for social work practice –        Andy Mantel     Sage
9780748785827 Access to Higher Education: The Essentia Myers/Shaw      Cengage
9781408068045 An A-Z of Counselling Theory and Practic Stewart         Cengage
9780495603603 An Introduction to Human Services Inter Woodside/McClam Cengage
9780840034328 An Introduction to the Counseling Profes Neukrug         Cengage
9780534272456 Applying Career Development Theory to Co Sharf           Cengage
9781133600763 Applying Your Generalist Training:       Larkin          Cengage
9781133371595 Assessment for Counselors International Erford          Cengage
9780495009535 Becoming a Helper International Edition Corey/Corey     Cengage
9780840029157 Brooks/Cole Empowerment Series: Psychopa Gray/Zide       Cengage
9780618543366 Building a Results-Based Student Support Johnson/Johnson Cengage
9780495813569 Career Counseling: A Holistic Approach  Zunker          Cengage
9780495505952 Case Approach to Counseling and Psychoth Corey           Cengage
9781111829490 Counseling & Diversity International Ed Choudhuri/Santi Cengage
9780840032126 Counseling Theory and Practice Internat Neukrug         Cengage
9780840032263 Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Hum Diller          Cengage
9780840034441 Culturally Competent Practice: A Framewo Lum             Cengage
9780495603665 Current Psychotherapies International E Corsini/Wedding Cengage
9781133371762 Developing Helping Skills: A Step-by-Ste Chang/Scott/Dec Cengage
9780495601678 Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and  Hepworth/Rooney Cengage
9780534644581 Direct Social Work Practice: Theory and  Hepworth/Rooney Cengage
9780412567308 Effective Language in Health and Social  Pugh            Cengage
9780495008156 Essentials of Skilled Helping: Managing  Egan            Cengage
9780840028129 Family Therapy: An Overview Internation Goldenberg/Gold Cengage
9780495506607 Fundamentals of Case Management Practice Summers         Cengage
9780495602170 Generalist Practice with Organizations a Kirst-Ashman/Hu Cengage
9780534642761 Human Behavior in the Social Environment Ashford/LeCroy/ Cengage
9780495604662 Human Behavior in the Social Environment Ashford/LeCroy/ Cengage
9781111838553 Interviewing for Solutions Internationa De Jong/Kim Ber Cengage
9780534359331 Life’s Choices: Problems and Solutions   Sharf           Cengage
9780495093879 Management of Human Service Programs In Lewis/Packard/L Cengage
9780840031969 Promoting Community Change: Making it Ha Homan           Cengage
9780412719301 Rehabilitation of Older People: A handbo Squires         Cengage
9780316730716 Body Surfing Shreve,Anita Little, Brown Book Group
9780755327232 the last art of keeping secrets Rice #N/A
9780857259714 Proactive Child Protection and Social Work Davies, Liz Learning Matters